One of the main tasks in the sphere of Company’s Quality Policy is the output of highly-qualified production, which may satisfy the demands of the client. Everything aims at this: the staff’s unity achieved by having one aim - to increase the quality and to reduce the expenditures; optimum prices on production; mobilization of creative and productive potential; policy of scientifically-technical progress; rational staff policy.

Constant control of quality is arranged at all links of the productive chain. Up-to-date equipment provides possibility to operate with the help of computer system the technical process of rolls’ centrifugal casting, to produce express-analysis of rolls’ melt, to discover the defects at early stages of cast production.

The system of Company’s management functions and constantly perfects itself. It embraces all stages of production output, which allows the Company’s production quality to remain at the level of the best world standards. In 2002 the system of Company’s production quality management was certificated according to ISO 9001, and in 2004 г. the rolls were named among 100 best manufactured goods of Ukraine.

LRPR Company’s production is highly appreciated by the International Quality Centers TUV, EMRK and numerous (more than 20) international gold and silver certificates of degree, awards beginning with “Brilliant Star for Quality” and ending with “Golden Mercury”.

Rolls bearing the trademark “LRPRP” are known in more than 20 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Far East, the CIS countries. The Roller plant is the key enterprise of the Ferrum Metallurgy of Ukraine as it supplies rolls to all home metallurgical plants on prices lower then the world ones. LRPRP is a paying concern, it provides constantly technical re-equipment thanks to allocations from the own profits not resorting to the state donations and other financing.

Lutugino rolls are widely used for sheet, profile casting, in ribbon-technical, oil-fat, palp-and-paper, flour-cereals, tanning, petro-chemical industries.

Lutugino roll-manufacturer are ready to satisfy any of the potential clients with the high quality and accepted price of their rolls! !

Animation of rotation is roll

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