Lutugino Research & Production Roll Company is the acknowledged leader among the rollmaking enterprises of Ukraine and the CIS. The capability of rolls bearing the trademark «LRPRP» provides the work of rolling mills with minimal quantity of transhipments, as the result reducing the material and energy expenditure of metallurgical plants.

The production of Lutugino Industrial Rolling Complex is competitively capable for a number of factors and is exported to all countries of the CIS and to a number of foreign states. The Enterprise has tendered for Pakistan, India, Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Egypt. The level of integrational contacts of the Enterprise with firms in Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Byelorussia etc. is rather high.

Main production:
cast-iron workers rolls applied for hot rolling of mills, rolls for flours-mills of all types, rolls for rubber-and-technical paper-producing and other branches of industry.


On our site you may find brief information concerning the Company and its production. For more detailed information see contact info

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