Cast-iron rolls for hot rolling of metal

Rolls for nonmetallurgical branches of industry

Photo of the roll
  • Rolls used for the processing of rubber and plastic
    (ТУУ 27.5-26524137-1372:2008)
  • Rolls applied in paper-producing industry
    (ТУУ 29.2-31632138-1379:2009)
  • Rolls applied in butter churning industry, for salt-milling, production of mixed fodder
    (ТУУ 27.5-26524137-1377:2009)
  • Rolls applied in colour varnish and polymeric industry, rolls to rollers used for the production of rubberized asbestos fabric and electronite
    (ТУУ 27.5-26524137-1377:2009)
  • Rolls of crushing machines applied in production of technical shot
    (ТУУ 27.5-26524137-1377:2009)
  • Flour-grinding rolls of high-quality stationary and centrifugal casting with cut riffles for mills of the type АВМ-7, АВМ-15, Charkovchanka-400, Charkovchanka-600П, 800П and of all other types used in Ukraine and the CIS
Photo of the roll

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