In the south-eastern part of Ukraine Lugansk region - the "East gate" of Ukraine - is situated. At 20 km distance from the region centre the town of Lutugino is situated, which is world-famous for the Research & Production Roll Company located there.

The appearance of the Enterprise in 1897 under the title “Russian-Belgian Join-Stock Company” was determined by the rapid development of industry in the South-East of Ukraine.

During more than one century history of its development Lutugino Research & Production Roll Company has become the key enterprise of the Ferrous Metallurgy of Ukraine as thanks to it all metallurgical plants receive the main tool of the rolling mill - rolls. High firmness of rolls provides the effective work of rolling mills with the minimal expenditure of energy and material costs.

The Enterprise produces rolls of all types and sizes for metallurgical, paper-producing, flour-grinding, rubber-technical and colour varnish industries. High quality of production is assured by skillful, highly-qualified specialists of the Company.

The Enterprise carries out dynamic external economic activity, takes part in and wins regularly tenders for India, Macedonia, Egypt and other foreign countries, purchases raw and furnace charge materials in Russia and other countries.

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