Phones of the Company’s administration staff:
Chief director Pogorelov Vladimir



Technical director Pogorelov Vladimir (06436)94-5-00
Director on commercial issues Janchuk Igor'


Сhief accountant Аlekseeva Svetlana (06436)94-4-36
Head of the Production-Control Department Shevchenko Yuriy (06436)94-6-47
Head of the Department of Foreign Economic and Market Relations Shamenko Aleksandr (06436)94-6-63
Head of the Department of Materially-Technical Security Baranova Lyudmila (06436)94-6-58
Сhief mechanical engineer Obednikov Nikolay (06436)94-5-25
Chief power engineer Bardin Dmitriy (06436)94-5-55
Chairman of trade union committee Koretnikov Roman
Company’s commutator   (06436)22-0-66
Post address:
2, Zavodskaya Street, Lutugino, Lugansk region,
Ukraine 92000

(06436) 24-3-03; 24-7-40


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